Why do postcards work?

A postcard is something that doesn’t need to be opened to be seen! Your message can be conveyed easily and will grab attention. It can be designed to catch the eye of the person getting the mail. Both businesses and households will see who you are!

Offer, offer, offer!
Be sure to include an offer that will drive the customer to you or your website.

Keep it simple!
Don’t put too much information on your card.

Track your results!
At MarketMailing.com we include tracking phone numbers to prove we stand behind our products.

Eye Catching!
Make sure to place the most important items and offers on the address side of the card. Why? Because most people take only a second to look at a piece of mail.

Pictures are worth a thousand words!
We have thousands of stock photos and abundance of artwork to help put the final touches on your card.

The look!
Our design team can bring your ideas to life. So often you know what you want to say but don’t know how to show it… that's where our expertise comes in! Let our experts help you design a winning postcard today!

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