Market Mailing's Dental Marketing Program

We have been very active in the dental marketing business for a number of years. We currently are working with many Dental Offices, helping make the phone ring. Our approach is

“Repetitive Marketing + Consistency + Quality + Tracking Phone Calls = New Patients!!”

Our program is for 3 months. We mail either 2,500 or 5,000 high-quality full-color postcards to a radius around your office, each week for 12 weeks. We offer to scrub your mailing list, by removing your current patients from this marketing program, if you want. This is included in our cost.

We provide a local (area code) tracking phone number that allows us to listen to the calls (even missed calls with caller ID), we will provide you with a weekly report of the number of calls, the questions asked and/or concerns they have called about and then the results of the call. This is included in our cost. We are HIPPA compliant.

Our Call Tracking Feature allows clients to track all the calls from each campaign and listen to recordings of the calls to ensure their reception and sales process is optimal. Call tracking software records the calls and directs them to the client's business phone. This feature also helps printers and ad agencies for clients who do not do their own accurate tracking.

Using a radius around your office we try to get the lowest postage possible. Currently, even with the recent postage increase, we use carrier routes and bar codes seeking the lowest postage discounts possible. Our postage is less the $0.16 for each postcard mailed. (in most cases) This postage amount is the same no matter what size your postcard is ( 5.5” x 11”). We have had the best success using the oversize (5.5” x 11”) postcard.

So in review we design, create your own personal postcard with your offers and map of your location, we print a 3 month supply of postcards and then with your help picking a day of the week you would like us to mail your cards and then we do that for the next 12 weeks. We listen and report back every week the status of your phone activity and will provide in-office training if you choose.