As a dental practice owner, I am sure you have questions about marketing efforts…..
and Market Mailing has the answers!


Q. What is the potential rate of return on my advertising dollars with your marketing campaign?
A. Although results cannot be guaranteed, some of our dental marketing clients are averaging a 3-to-1 rate of return on their investment dollars!


Q. How can I get a comparable return on MY investment?

A. Repetitive marketing + Consistency + Quality + Tracking = NEW PATIENTS!


Q. I have tried direct mail marketing before without much success, why will it work THIS time?
A. Our expert staff will work with you and your company monthly to develop a proprietary system that turns “coupon shoppers” into patients.  Tracking the calls will enable you to see how many people are calling about the postcards. We can also help your staff create the best responses to actually land the appointments.


Q. How do I know your marketing plan works and can potentially bring several new patients into my office each week?
A. We have been in the direct mail business for over 25 years, so we know what works.  There are currently over 30 dental offices in Arizona using our marketing system with great success.   Week after week, they continue to acquire new patients, resulting in an excellent return on their investment.


Q. How much will this marketing plan cost me?
A. As low as 12 cents per postcard*!  (Price includes design, printing, proprietary mailing list, addressing & batch delivery to the post office.) 
* Postage not included.


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